Our Blessings Garden began meekly in 2005 when our two Master gardeners, Jo Yount and Judith Johnson, started a flower garden next to our church building. In 2007 they experimented with a small vegetable garden plot behind our Sunday School building. That fall we made bread using some of the zucchini from this garden and gave it at Thanksgiving to a local family shelter.

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That next year we voted to expand the vegetable garden. As it grew and abounded we decided to call it our “Blessings Garden.” The garden was producing so abundantly that we were able to start donating our fresh organic vegetables every week to the local food bank.

A hot house was added to the garden in 2010. That same year, our flower and vegetable gardens were chosen to be on the Master Gardener Secret Garden Tour. Over 400 visitors came to view our gardens and buildings, as well as local artwork and sculptures displayed for the occasion.

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We have since continued our garden outreach through donations to our community. The Master Gardeners have awarded our Blessings Garden grants that we have used to add raised beds and a new garden shed.

Everyone is invited to come visit our church, Reading Room and gardens. After services you may find yourself going home with your own sampling of blessings from our garden!

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