Christian Science has been represented in the Port Townsend area for over seventy years. The first Christian Science Society in Port Townsend was incorporated in early 1942. In 1967 this group decided to disband giving their remaining assets to The Mother Church in Boston to hold for any future Christian Science group that might want to reform.

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In 1977 a group of three Christian Scientist started meeting together for Sunday services. Early in 1978 this small group started meeting in the Community Center in Chimacum, a town just down the highway from Port Townsend. By the end of 1979 this group, of now twelve, made application to The Mother Church, and was formally recognized as “Christian Science Society, Chimacum” on January 3, 1980. By the end of 1980 this Society was incorporated and received the moneys held in trust from the previous group.

By 1982 our Society was meeting at the Port Townsend Yacht Club and by October of that year applied to officially change our name to “Christian Science Society, Port Townsend.” In May of 1983 we purchased what is now our current church property, and after refurbishing the buildings held the first Christian Science services at the new site. On September 29, 1989 we proudly held our Church Dedication Service. Christian Science churches are dedicated only after the church is paid in full and owned outright by the church membership.

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We moved our Reading Room out of the church edifice to a space on Water Street in downtown Port Townsend in 1999. Two of our Sunday School students benefited our church with their Eagle Scout service projects. The first in 2001 was a general landscaping of our property and the second in 2004 refurbished and painted the outside of our Sunday School building. In the spring of 2005 two of our members (both Master gardeners) started a large flower garden next to our church building.

From September 2006 to October 2008 our Society dedicated itself to a new theme of prayerful metaphysical study: “Our Church a Garden – Growing a Branch of The Mother Church,” with the goal of fulfilling the requirements to become a full-fledged branch church. At about the same time we started a vegetable garden behind our Sunday School building. As we progressed and grew towards our goal of becoming a branch church, our vegetable garden was expanded and we named it our “Blessings Garden.” We began to share our abundant crop with our community through weekly donations to the local food bank and sharing with all who come to our services.

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We completed our application to The Mother Church to become a branch church in June of 2008. September 2008 we officially become “First Church of Christ, Scientist, Port Townsend,” an active Christian Science branch church.

In June 2010, our flower and vegetable gardens were chosen to be on the Master Gardener Secret Garden Tour. Over 400 visitors came to view our gardens and see our buildings. In 2011 we voted to bring our Reading Room home, moving it into the Sunday School building next to our Blessings garden, thus we continue to grow and progress right along side our Blessings Garden.

About Port Townsend

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Port Townsend is considered a “Victorian Seaport” located on the northeastern most tip of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. A peninsula on a peninsula, it is surrounded on three sides by seawater. It is a tourist destination featuring Victorian Homes Tours, a Wooden Boat Festival and a Rhododendron Festival including a big parade with floats and marching bands from all over. It has a small town atmosphere with a population of just over 9,000 people, yet is the largest city in Jefferson County and is the county seat. For more information about Port Townsend, check out this link>